Hi! I’m Natalie.

I am a businesswoman, a mom, an auntie, a wife, a friend, and one of the founders here at Navvy. I wear a lot of hats, and I live an exciting life. Although it isn’t perfect, I wouldn’t change it for the world. If I could use one word to explain myself, it would be resilient. My life has been anything but ordinary or easy. Still, the challenges have helped me push myself to become who I am today. This year I am working on leadership & communication… and I am learning to have a little more fun through the art of dance!

A little bit about me, I love being productive, being active, and being a mom. Most people think a parent’s job is to teach their child right from wrong, but I firmly believe that my job as a parent is to LOVE my child and LEARN from him. And boy, has he taught me a lot. I strive to daily express gratitude, be present and always show up curious. Perfection is not one of my goals, as I know I am not growing if I am not learning!

I have spent most of my career in finance, and as you can imagine, it has not given me a lot of room for creativity. Because of this, naturally, I always thought I was not creative, and I now know that is completely insane! Navvy has fulfilled my creative passions in a way no other career could. I have met some incredible business owners, employees, and people along the way that have inspired growth. I owe some of the credit for my skills, talents, and overall success to them (not a lot but some.. let’s be honest, I did the hard part).

I have a deep love for the environment and creating a more sustainable future for people everywhere. Most of my finance career has been in the solar industry, where I have had the honor of positively impacting thousands of people financially. I am a part-owner in one of the fastest-growing solar companies in the nation with a brilliant brand that contributes heavily to that growth. The impact branding had on my solar company, coupled with my business experience and the branding experience of my best friend and partner Savannah, inspired us to start Navvy. There are so many companies that want to do good in the world that strive to help their customers and care deeply about their employees’ success. The one thing they are missing is an excellent brand to express their vision in a clear, consistent way. I want to help those companies! That is what gives me daily motivation to show up and create something great. This is what motivates me to create something beautiful.

I am very passionate about helping others and creating a better future for the people I love, the people I hate, and everyone in between.

To end this intro, here are three things that fascinate me:

1. Communication

2. Climate Change

3. How mouthy my toddler can be at just age 3.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment about you and something that fascinates you!

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