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I am supposed to write this post to tell you about myself. I could tell you about my position here at Navvy, my work history, and my drive to be an entrepreneur. I could tell you about my amazing husband and the family we have built together; or I could tell you about my history in marketing, communication, advertising, health education, and social media management. But, that screams classic intro blog post, and that’s not who I am. Instead, I want to tell you something that will truly help you know me. After all, if you are going to trust Navvy, you should know the people who run it.

When I think about why I started Navvy it all comes back to a conversation that Natalie and I had about finding beauty in the world – A conversation that inevitably led to the development of Navvy. There are two distinct things that take my breath away every time I see them. 1. How nature grows right through man-made obstacles. And, 2. When a natural scene, if painted, looks like it would have been a mistake by the artist.

How Nature Grows:

The thing about nature is that it doesn’t care what you put in its way. A tree will grow through a rock. Weeds grow through concrete cracks. Water literally buries cities and moves mountains. My heart leaps when I see the Earth being resilient to our foolish human tactics. I see branding and social media management the same way. Let’s cut through the obstacles & create something truly breathtaking. My goal is to create art that gives our customers the same feeling I get when I see that tree breaking through the sidewalk.

Mistaken Reality:

Many people find inspiration at the top of mountains, bottom of oceans, and in the depths of forests. I find mine in the mundane of the long drive to the city, the weeds in my backyard, and the sunrise from my porch. I look at these scenes, close one eye, and create a frame with my hand. Then, I try to find the spot at which two worlds collide: the weeping willow right next to the pine tree, and I pause. That’s the spot that if it was in a painting, the world would feel like it is wrong… but, it’s not. It’s found in nature. The beauty to me is that things that we feel “should” or “shouldn’t” belong, do. I scout out these scenarios every day to remind myself that sometimes our first instinct is to create too much order and it leads to the mundane, repetitiveness at which people grow tired. Sometimes, the things that seem to not belong are the perfect match.

I find inspiration everywhere, and Navvy is the channel for all of my creativity. With each client, I pour my heart and soul to ensure the very best for them. I am truly passionate about helping business owners tell their stories & share their brands. I tend to get a little meta when I talk about my passions, dreams, and goals, but that’s only because my mom was an English teacher and instead of grounding us as children, she made us write an essay. Sorry for the structural errors, mom.

Edit: my mom read this, and sent me a list of corrections.

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